Megan Garnett - HULC



Our Introduction

Megan Garnett

Megan graduated in 1999 from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy. As a Clinical Specialist in rehabilitation of people with stroke Megan established the Occupational Therapy Service for the Fremantle Hospital Stroke Unit. Here she worked as a Senior Occupational Therapist and as Coordinator of Rehabilitation, Aged Care and Home Visiting Services.

Megan was the Occupational Therapy Representative on the Executive Committee of the WA Stroke Network and continues to be involved in the Australian Stroke Coalition.  She has given a number of stroke presentations to occupational therapy interest groups and at the WA Collaboration of Stroke Units seminar.  Megan has also worked at Curtin University as a Unit Coordinator and Lecturer in areas of neurosciences, physical rehabilitation and functional anatomy.

In 2013 Megan joined HULC, bringing her extensive experience in hand and upper limb therapy for people with neurological conditions. In addition, Megan also helped to coordinate the opening of HULC’s South West clinics, where she is based.

Megan is an Associate Member of the Australian Hand Therapy Association.

Megan is currently on maternity leave.