Jess De Jong - HULC



Our Introduction

Jess De Jong

Jess graduated in 2014 from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Occupational Therapy, and joined the HULC team in 2015.

Jess’s interest in hand and upper limb rehabilitation followed  a student placement in the state trauma unit of Royal Perth Hospital.

Jess is currently part of HULC’s Dupuytren’s Contracture team and is involved in clinical based research. In addition, Jess helps facilitate the Collagenase clinic run in conjunction with hand and upper limb surgeon, Mr. Jeff Ecker.

Jess is an active member of the hand therapy community and is currently a sub committee member of the state branch of the Australian Hand Therapy Association (AHTA). She helps to coordinate AHTA meetings, along with regularly attending various AHTA meetings and courses. Jess is an Associate Member of the AHTA and is working towards her full membership.